Stable Variegated Hoya is Must for Collections


Hoya collectors are no different from other plant collectors as they enjoy variation and variegation.  Though many of the variegated hoyas are are temporary look with most reverting back to green, Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ is a stable variegated hoya.  This hoya grows in compact rosette like leave pattern and seems to have no issues as soon as it is well rooted.  Since the compact growth pattern is constant, it can sometimes be difficult to root.  The best way is to remove a couple of leaves and after tucking it into the mix…do not move it again until roots form.  The rooting end will be tiny but sufficient if kept moist and in touch with the soil.  I’ve not attempted to root using hydroponics or semi-hydroponics but can imagine that would be a success also.

Since I have yet to enjoy the sweet blooms on this particular hoya I have stared a second plant and decided that I will not cut on it until it blooms!!!

Stable Variegated Hoya

Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ SRQ 3093

Stable Variegated Hoya

Hoya australis ‘Lisa’ Red New Growth

Steady Variegated Hoya

Hoya ‘Lisa’ New Growth




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