The Hoya elliptica everyone MUST grow – SRQ 3200

This is the absolutely easiest grower and best blooming Hoya elliptica that I grow…hands down. The first species I tried to grow was IML 1679, and although it rooted with no issues it never grew into a full plant. I was forced to take cuttings and try again and again and again and yet again about one week ago. This will be my final attempt at succeed with Hoya elliptica IML 1679. I love the shape of the leaves and that the veins resemble a turtle shell. But it just does not like me or my care or growing conditions.

Since receiving that original cutting from the Liddle Nursery in Australia, I have obtained three other species from Thailand.  They are Hoya elliptica (Clone A), (Clone B) and EPC 641. From the very beginning these great plants took off and grew like wild. Each of them bloomed in their own time and kept on growing into large but compact plants. The blooms are very similar and the foliage varies a bit depending on how it is grown, meaning inside or outside.

The species that has pulled out ahead of the others is the Hoya elliptica (Clone A) EPC 311. It is on my ‘Bloomingest’ list and there it will stay.  I water it as much or as little as I want to and it never suffers or struggles to put out the new ‘turtle-shell’ leaves and beautiful white blooms. In my opinion the leaves are a dead ringer for the must coveted IML 1679.

If you want an easy and rewarding Hoya elliptica in your collection, please consider growing this one from a cutting. You will wonder why you struggled over and over to try to succeed with IML 1679.

Hoya elliptica Clone A DSC02897 DSC02895 DSC02894 DSC02896 ellipticaclonea_4 ellipticaclonea_5

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