The Strange and The Odd in Hoya Species

Very often as I inspect the hoyas for new blooms, new growth or dryness, I notice these strange or just out of the ordinary ‘freaks of nature’.  I thought I would share of few of them with you!

Hoya species odd













Hoya fitchii – if you notice where the white arrows are pointing, you will see that this bloom has many flowers that consist of ‘four petals’ and not the normal five. I see this often in blooming peduncles but maybe one or two…not usually 40% of the flowers.

Hoya species odd leaves













Hoya fitchii – the same plant that bloomed the odd number of petals put out a leaf that appear to be ‘Siamese’, like Siamese twins? I thought is was attractive and I left it on the plant to see if the vine would continue to produce odd foliage. I have yet to see this repeat on the plant.

odd growth, Hoya plants













Hoya cv. Mathilde – This plant is actually grown by my mom in Pennsylvania when she noticed the plant growing out the drainage she sent me the photo. My question was…”Did I plant one of the vines upside down?” It is very possible but if yes, it goes to show you that nature has a way of correcting what we do wrong.

vines planted upside down hoya plant species odd strange













Hoya subcalva – As I was enjoying this evident Grape Scented flower I saw that this flower is a square and not five -sided. It is still as beautiful as it’s brothers and sisters but lacking a bit.  This is one of the blooming-est hoyas with one of my favorite fragrances.

hoya leaves foliage buy hoya cuttings strange odd













Hoya pallida – New growth being put out on this hoya vine is evidently rounded. If you take a look at the leaf on the right, this is an indication of the leaves on the entire plant. They are very very pointed and the veins are mostly sculpted or raised.  This end node has no points and does not even look like it belongs to this species.  I will watch to see how the rest of the vine progresses since the plant is growing at a rate of about 12 inches per day. Does the fast rate of new growth have something to do with this oddity?

blooming peduncle buds not opening













Hoya lacunosa ‘Ruby Sue’ – This photo is from a baby plant that was rooted and happily filling out the tiny pot it was growing in. It almost looks like it did not quite have enough energy to push open the other buds because it depleted it’s energy on just this single flower. On it’s second attempt…all of the flowers opened and filled the space with a nice fragrance.

large blooms rubber flowers hoya species red blooms













Hoya megalaster– You must know that this bloom is approximately 3 inches wide and absolutely gorgeous despite it’s shortcomings. It happened to be one of eight flowers on this active peduncle. It also was the only one of the bunch that actually opened up into a flat flower. Normally this species keeps it’s flowers in a wide cup shape.

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