Tropical Storm Andrea Arrives @ SRQHoyas

Just last week at this time I remember hoping and wishing for some much needed rain for my parched yard and surrounding areas.  Even though I have a sprinkler system for many areas of my garden, the bulk of the property is at nature’s mercy to keep the native vegetation alive. My wish was granted as the unexpected sporadic rains start falling Sunday afternoon as I was about to take a dip in the pool and intending to fulfill a short refresher course on swimming with my pooch Nico.  She passed her lesson, with flying colors, and the rest of the day was a washout which was a welcomed surprise for dry Sarasota.   The days since have been filled with the same wet activity and intermittent sunshine but now we are facing the ferocious rain bands from our first Tropical Storm of the season.  All week the activity was just that but late last evening I realized this situation now had a name, Andrea.

TS Andrea at SRQHoyasOver night the rains fell loudly enough on my metal roof to awaken Nico and I but only long enough for her to come over to my half of the bed and huddle close to me for safety.  Little did I know that the storm had spawned a tornado that had touched down a mere 15 miles east of me…gulp.  Since that time the area has been and still is under a Tornado Warning. If I would have turned the TV on to see the weather reports I would have moved my bed to an interior bathroom and spent the rest of the night in there.  There are very few basements or underground structures in this state so the safest spot is where all four walls are interior…a spare bathroom for me.

After having my breakfast outside with my hoyas and checking on the blooms and standing water and who is going to bloom, I am now inside for the duration of the day hoping the storm does not throw anything my way that my home cannot handle.  The plants are sort of sheltered on the lanai but a gust of wind coming from the wrong direction could throw them off the shelf.  I have been planning to further secure the plants by building a ‘fence’ around the edge of the exposed perimeter of the shelf, hoping to resemble a boxing ring perimeter. I will assemble it so that when storms threaten I will be able to attach rope to the vertical supports that will corral them in but so I can remove the rope when the skies are clear.  A trip to Home Depot was on my morning agenda but Andrea has changed those a bit.  Since Hurricane season just begun I thought I had time to properly prepare…I was wrong.

For now I will keep one eye on the skies and the other on my website as I begin to add the new hoyas that I received from overseas this spring. You will find these hoyas on the NEW TO ME!!! link on my homepage.  I found the most beautiful leaves and growth patterns I could find and had much success reviving them from their long journey.  I know you will enjoy the photos as well as want to add these to your collection.  The fastest way to do that is to add them to you Wish List and wait for the email saying they are available.  I am guessing that I will be sharing a lot of these by the end of this season!

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