Unbelieveable sight in late March

I have been in Florida since 1990 and have never experienced such cold temperatures this late in the year. It is normal for me to bring all of the hoyas outside on or about March 1 and by April I am basking in the sun floating in my swimming. But this year, is very very different from past decades.

As I cautiously moved the hoyas out onto the Shelf, which is their Summer destination, I now have them bundled up for the week since the threat of frost is still in the forecast. I also have many of the hanging hoyas outside but since they are a bit closer to the overhang I am chancing they will not suffer from the cold. Last week when I was sure spring was here, I ended up finding 3 plants with ‘cold’ damage.

This Winter Season has been very warm but full of extremes including many warm days followed by really cold nights. On the lighter side…I have much more information as to the cold temp tolerances of many of the plants. :0) I am working on updating this information on the product pages of my website.

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