Virtually Foolproof Method of Watering Hoya Plants

A question I am asked probably more than any other is “How often should I water my hoya plant?”  This is a question with no definitive answer since there are various conditions to consider before giving a ‘blanket’ response. Some of the conditions are to type of mix that you plant is growing in, the size pot, and the material the pot is made of. Then is the environment you are growing the plant in which includes amount of sunshine, amount of air movement and the amount of humidity surrounding your hoya plant or cutting. On top of those extensive variables is the all important one of what species are you growing and how much moisture does it actually want and expect in order to thrive.

I have come to a conclusive way to know when the plant wants or needs to be watered or even sometimes only misted. Touch the leaves, are they soft and flexible when a well hydrated leaf is firm and stiff? If you conclude ‘Yes’ to that touch…then it is most likely time to give your hoya plant a thorough and soaking gulp of water.  Of course, there will be exceptions to this rule but it seems that since I have adopted this method of watering schedule I have lost no plant due to root rot.

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