Vivid colors on my Hoya aff. waymaniae

First off I will begin by saying or asking, “How can this plant be labeled, ‘aff.’ when it is clearly a Hoya waymaniae. This plant is one of the extremely distinctive species that I grow. Until now I had not experienced the bloom live but now that I have…wow!!!

The buds appeared on the end of a peduncle that measured 3 inches a little over a week ago. As the puffed up, I decided to do what I do to all plants that are blooming for the first time, ignore it and try not to look at it for too long. When what I really want to do is examine it closely to see it’s beauty and intrigue.

The cutting came to me last spring and was as healthy as it could be and rooted quickly and grew into a strong plant by the end of the season. While under the Metal Halide bulb lights throughout the winter the foliage took on the normal reddish color and has remained. I am confident that as the summer goes on the new growth will emerge green but beautiful just the same.

The rich tangerine colored flowers have a scent but I have yet to find the words to explain it to you. if it were not raining here I would go out again and decipher the scent. I will do this later this week hoping it will still be in bloom when the rain subsides.

I grow a few different species of Hoya waymaniae and am very curious to compare the blooms side by side.

Hoya aff. waymaniae IF IF IF IF IF

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