Wanted… Hoya Cuttings and Hoya Plants

These two hoyas appear to be different but are actually clones or subspecies of the same Hoya collina.  With so many un-named species of hoyas being grown out at present time, sometimes when I think I actually am growing different species, I learn that I am actually growing the same.  I am always opened to learning about what I am growing since I have collected from many sources around the world.  As I grow out the various species and become familiar with their growing habits, their wants and needs I can better determine if maybe I have clones of the same hoyas.  Usually the best way to determine this is to experience and examine the flowers but as you know, sometimes this may take years.

Making a point of comparing the plants that I am growing will be one of my many focuses in this new year.  I would like to obtain new plants and cuttings from collectors inside the United States too.  During the past few years, I have placed substantial orders from abroad but due to many shipments being held and compromised during transit, I am concluding local may be better.  If you happen to have cuttings that you are willing to share with me I would like to hear from you!  To learn what I may be wanting to obtain, a good place to begin would be my RETIRED pages on the website, SRQHoyas.com.

Wanted...Hoya Cuttings and Hoya Plants

Hoya sp. aff. biakensis (L) Hoya sp. IR-26 (R)

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