SRQHoyas offers a great selection of hoyas in many different shapes and sizes.  Since it is an impossible task to she photos of each plant that is available for purchase I instead have broken the available plants into two distinct catergories.  I would like to distinguish between the two options that I offer.

Beginning with the STARTER PLANTS you will notice they are just that, well-rooted stable plants growing in a 2.5" clear pot.  All of my plants begin with at least two leaf nodes and a few will have more.  In my experience, two nodes is the easiest and quickest way to root almost all hoyas.  The roots should be evident from the outside of the tiny pot which means the plant will travel well and will have no problem adjusting to a new environment...yours!  As a rule, I like to see new growth beginning to emerge from the nodes before I make the decision to offer the starter plant to collectors.  This will not always be the case since the many species put on new growth at different stages.  You will not be disappointed with the selection and quality of the starter plants and will like this option knowing the cost is less than the other choice which is the PREMIUM PLANTS.

If you are a bit more impatient and would rather not grow out and nurture the plant from the beginning stages, the PREMIUM PLANTS option is for you.  You will notice a price different from those two categories being the STARTER PLANTS are $4 less than the more mature and established PREMIUM PLANTS.  In order to qualify as  PREMIUM PLANT, the hoya much be significantly larger and more mature than it's counterpart of a STARTER PLANT.  Also, if the plant happens to have a peduncle, active or previously active, I consider it to be premium since it will most likely bloom on that same spur for you.  Please note that there is a chance that the peduncle will drop during transit or before it blooms again but that is not the norm in my experience.  In some instances the rarity of the species will also qualify it to be sold as a PREMIUM PLANT.  You will notice that this category has a photo of the actual plant that your are purchasing which is not the case with the Starters.  I make every attempt to update those photos as the plant matures but keep in mind that as it may be even larger than it was when I photographed could have also have dropped a leav or two or had a new vine die back.  Nature is very hard to predict and I will make every attempt to show you exactly what you will be receiving, as it leaves my sun-room.

I hope this will clear up questions you have about the plants that SRQHoyas offers and you will feel confident placing your first of many orders.

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