Will you be offering rooted cuttings and larger plants sometime in the future or is the "Cuttings only" permanent?
UPDATE - I am again offering Rooted Plants to the United States. I am NOT able to ship plants to International addresses...so sorry.

I do not have the answer to that just yet. Most of the plants I have to offer right now are 'larger' plants...almost one year old. Depending on the response to Cuttings Only...I will make a decision for next season. :0)

What does SRQ stand for?
The call letters for the Sarasota Airport are SRQ...just something short unusual for the name of my hoya nursery.

How much will I be charged to ship my plants and/or cuttings?
Within the United States, I offer a FLAT RATE SHIPPING of $11.75 for up to 6 plants ($2/each per extra plant).  I use FedEx One Rate 3-Day Service which guarantees a 3-day delivery to all locations in the United States.  Outside the United States I ship USPS Express Mail (3-5 days) for a $45 FLAT RATE for each package of cuttings. Please note: If you are charged for extra cuttings, you can expect a refund for that amount when I purchase postage.

Which species cuttings will survive the trip as well as being in a box for up to 21 days?
From my experience...they are all capable of surviving the travel conditions and time. Most of my tender thin leafed plants started from cuttings from around the world. Very often they look wrinkled and dehydrated when they arrive but once they are given moisture and time to rehydrate...they will do just fine.

Will you please wrap the cuttings in a moist towel or newspaper to prevent dehydration for shipping?
No...they have a much better chance of surviving after being dehydrated than they do if they rot. I take cuttings the evening prior to their ship date...soak them overnight in Superthrive and water...let them air dry before putting them into a box to ship.

What exactly does 'Processing Order' mean?
When I receive your order the status is 'Order Received' after I make the white tag I proceed to pull the plant from stock and set it aside on a separate rack. I then drench the plant with a systemic pesticide, namely Imidacloprid, to prevent any exchange of pests.  T
hen I turn fans on the plant to dry the mixx so it may be shipped without the threat of root rot.

My plants are wilted and dry as a bone when they arrive?
That is normal since I dry them out prior to shipping. If there is excessive moisture in the mix when I pack them...that moisture turns to excessive humidity curing the trip which may cause fungus, pests (mealy bugs in particular) as well as rot. More often then not, if a plant does not survive the trip it is due to excessive moisture. When it arrives...drench the mix, mist the foliage and be patient. If you let the plant remain in the clear pot you will be able to monitor the moisture level without guessing.

What are the brownish red spots on the leaves and do I need to be alarmed?
No, I grow some of my plants outside but under a screen enclosure so bugs are still apparent. This does not spread and is not alive...just is not so attractive. I find these spots on the leaves after a torrential rain? They mean no harm so I look at them as 'Beauty Marks' :0)

Do you root in soil or water?
I have always had great success rooting directly into the Mixx I use to grow the hoyas. On occasion I will put an entire order of new cuttings in my Hydroponics System and root them this way but never just sitting in a bottle of water. I am not claiming it does not work...I just prefer the root in soil.

Is it possible to purchase a bundle of cuttings of just larger leaf hoyas? I would only want cuttings from species with larger leaves?
Although it is possible you will receive cuttings with larger leaves...I cannot guarantee you will receive ONLY larger leafed cuttings. The choices are made at the time I am ready to cut, label and ship. I am offering these Bundles at a very discounted rate and so it will be at my discretion. If you prefer to choose which cuttings you receive...please email me for availability as before.

I am wondering if I just missed the section on your website that shows shipping costs. What would shipping be to 94131 please?
In the MORE INFO section is a SHIPPING & RETURNS page...that will explain more about my procedures and rules on shipping and packing.
Shipping for PLANTS and CUTTINGS will be a Flat Rate of $11.75, for the first 6 plants, and your package will arrive via FedEx Express Saver with a guaranteed 3-Day delivery time.  Supplies are not included in that rate unless space in the package allows for them to be shipped with the hoyas.  If your supplies must be shipped separately, you will receive an invoice via PayPal for the cost of actual postage or the most economical method of getting them to you.  Be sure that your Shipping Address is a physical address since FedEx does not deliver to PO Boxes.

I purchased 3 plants from you in July. They haven't done much and since I am new to this, I'm not sure what I should be doing to them...Should I repot it them with more soil? What kind of soil should I purchase? Could you please give me some advice to help the plants thrive?
I hear this a lot...plants just sitting there after they arrive healthy and happy. For that very reason I have decided to offer only cuttings to customers worldwide.
When starting a plant from a cutting...it seems to take off and grow and bloom without the hesitation seemingly cause by it’s new environment.
It sounds like you are doing everything right so keep on doing it. I would not repot or add more soil because that may lead to root rot. If there is too much space the soil will retain too much water. Fertilizing may help some but I would wait until spring if you are using a commercial food. If you want to use MSU, what I use exclusively, you can use year round with each watering.

I was looking at this code (Species Detail)...what does it mean?
Please refer to this
blog for a better understanding of the Species Detail Tab which can be found on each Product page.

I put plants/cuttings on my 'Wish List'...Does this list notify everyone who has this plant on their list at the same time or does it notify in the order they added it to their Wish List?
Please log into your account and choose to add a cutting to your Wish List. I try to take inventory each week and add to my inventory of each product....only doing CUTTINGS this season.  When all of the species have been updated I run my Back in Stock Notification module.  This in turn sends out an email to each person who requested to be notified...simultaneously.  Many times I am only able to add one or two cuttings according to how the plants put out new growth and ‘harden off’. This being said, the sought after cuttings are usually purchased very soon after the emails generate.
The list does not prioritize or add you in any order...you are either ON or OFF the list and everyone is treated equally. To better manage your list...Log In to your Account and click on Email Notifications/Unsubscribe from Back in Stock Notifications. Here will be your Wish List and you will receive an email each time one of these items becomes available. If you neglected to Log In prior to Add to Wish List it will not appear here and you will receive an email forever :0( If this becomes an issue please contact me. I may have the original email and be able to Unsubscribe you from the notifications.

Do you ship to Hawaii?  Will the cuttings make the trip?  The prepared starter kits with soil? Would that be all needed to start the cuttings? Should they be kept outside/sun or shade? Is root stimulator needed?

I am confident the cuttings will make the trip just fine since I ship worldwide with no issues as long as the USPS does what they promise to do.  The Starter Kits are all inclusive...just add water.  I sent may easy to follow instructions with the cuttings.  Rooting hormones can be used but I have found it is not necessary in all cases.  Sun or shade depends on how hot/direct the sun is and which species of hoya it is.  Please refer to my Species Detail chart on my Product Pages where I indicate how I grow each species.



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