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Colloidal Silver now available in 8oz. bottles for the low price of $14.  Many uses for your hoyas as well as for your own Well Being.

Order a BUNDLE and receive a Starter Pot w/Mixx for each Cutting!

You have come the the right place whether you are new to, interested in or already addicted to Hoya Plants!  Hoyas are easy to grow plants that can be grown inside, outside or both depending on your climate and inside environment. The key to being successful is to start out growing the easier beginner species and move onto the more challenging species as you gain confidence. Starting your plants from cuttings is a fun, challenging, economical and a very satisfying way to collect hoyas.

My collection includes species I have imported to the United States from hobbyists and actual collectors from around the world. Each season I add many new species to my collection by obtaining cuttings and growing them into larger plants. When these plants are stable and can provide cuttings to share, I promptly add them to my inventory. Also I offer a select number of Hoya Plants that are already rooted and growing in their own tiny pot.  Whether you favor the large heavy leaves or the miniature and smaller leaves, I have an extensive selection available for you to choose from and shipping is available around the world and as well as throughout the year. I am always happy to hear from as to which species you would like to see brought to the United States thru SRQHoyas.

As you spend time browsing the extensive pages on my website you will notice many guides and helpful tips that will help you narrow down which hoya species you would like to grow. The photos display the many parts of the plants, leaves, buds and blooms. The descriptions will give you an 'At-A-Glance' guide to growing and caring for each plant but keep in mind that this may vary for your particular environment or the amount of time committed to caring for them. Most hoyas thrive on neglect so you should feel comfortable growing as many plants as your space permits.

This is the place you can buy Hoya Plants and Hoya Cuttings!  I would like to hear from you with any questions or comments about growing, collecting or identifying these plants. I will do my best to assist and answer your questions in any way I am able and in a timely manner. Have fun growing these awesome plants and spread the word about this species that is recognized by a relatively small number of people!!!